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Know your photographer

​I'm not 100% sure, but I believe my passion for photography began when I was younger and thought I could paint. The art I painted may have looked good to me, but I'm not so sure others would have agreed. My love for works from the Group of Seven and Robert Bateman were not easily replicated with a brush in my hand. None the less, I tried to convey something to others via water colors and pencil crayons but as I grew older, this passion fell to the side. As a young teen, I started toying with photography and found I could tell a story, capture a moment or share a thought via the media of photography.
After my son was born, taking pictures regularly was an all too often occurrence. After all, people would definitely want pictures of his first steps, first spaghetti mess and an occasional bruised eye. Capturing moods in scenery became a love and I found myself looking at the world in a different way, seeing a "photo op" around every corner. 

As friends and family members married, I would take photo's and was often told mine were better than the photographer they hired. Before long people were asking me to take pictures for them and the idea of taking shots professionally was born.
My passion remains capturing the lives of my own family, but now this has grown and I'm able to share with others how I see things through the lens...


“I didn't have to worry about how I would look cause you made me feel beautiful and in the moment! The quality of the photos are almost surreal, they still take me back to what I felt and experienced during the most important day of my life."

“You have a gift for capturing emotions and subtleties that even seasoned photographers might have missed. I am greatful for your professionalism and talent in preserving such a precious moment. Thank you again."